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5 Reasons to Choose Blue Sage Realty to Manage Your Denver Rental

Kathryn MacGeraghty - Wednesday, November 11, 2015
Blue Sage Realty was started 14 years ago with the goal of providing the best property management services in the business. We work from Denver to Longmont and from Golden to Commerce City. Today, we are sharing five reasons that you should choose us when you’re looking for property management services in this area. 

Experience and Teamwork 

We have three property managers in our company, and we all specialize in different areas; bookkeeping, policing and maintenance. We each have a specific territory that we manage for drive-bys, inspections and maintenance. The three of us work effectively as a team and we’re always here to help you. You should be able to get simple questions answered in one phone conversation with anyone here. 

Attention to Detail

One of the things that make Blue Sage special is our attention to detail. We actually inspect the property, and those inspections are included in our regular management contract. We check everything on a tenant’s application for accuracy. For example, we check landlord references thoroughly. When we’re doing that, we also check to make sure it’s actually the landlord we’re talking to and that the number an applicant provided is actually the number of a landlord, and not a family member or a friend. 

Transparent Accounting

You will receive regular accounting statements that demonstrate how your property is performing financially. We triple check your statements for clarity and accuracy. If you have any questions about expenses or income, we’re happy to explain those things to you. You can decide whether your rents are paid by check or by an automatic deposit, which we do electronically. 

Pets: Big, Small or Not at All 

In our office, we allow the property owners to decide whether you want pets permitted in your property. We understand that no landlord is especially enthusiastic about having animals in their home, but with the large number of pet owners in the rental pool, allowing them becomes a business decision. We will check all breeds and make sure the pet is an adult, fixed and friendly. 

Choosing Rental Rates 

You also get to choose the rental rates and rental terms for your property. As professional managers, we make recommendations that can help you, but the choice is always yours. 

We would welcome the opportunity to tell you more about us. Please contact us at Blue Sage Realty.
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